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Food on my dog
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Yesterday somebody posted Tiger on reddit but in r/wtf. I think she belongs in r/aww. What do you think?

Link brings to my post in r/aww. Feel free to ask questions!

Posted on 10 October
36 notes

  1. comeswimaway said: Definitely r/aww worthy, not r/wtf. saw that and was sad. Glad Tiger will get some love from r/aww!
  2. pirigauche said: absolute truth!
  3. isshemissshe said: Definitely r/aww
  4. icecream-queen said: Aww definitely.
  5. skeletonsateryan said: Why would it be in wtf?! Your dog is adorable!
  6. funkalmighty said: Reddit is terrible, your dog deserves better.
  7. foodonmydog posted this