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Food on my dog
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Calamari Salad
Eel Sashimi.
Carrot Cake. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you. 
Summer rolls. 
Tuna Sashimi. 
Salmon Sashimi. 
Month one: Japan.

Thank you all for voting on Tiger’s facebook page for the country you wanted. The country with the most votes is Japan and that will be the subject of this months photos. 

Today is the last day to vote!

Tiger will be putting up some new content, but you have to vote on what you want. Check out her facebook through the link above to vote. There will be a different country or geographical region each month. Each week will have at least one new picture. Thanks for all your support and votes.


So starting next month Tiger will be doing a whole new series, every month. Each month she will be doing various foods from different countries/geographical regions of the planet. Fans will submit ideas and Tiger will try to sport most of it. There will be at least one new food a week.

You can go vote on her facebook.

Oatmeal  Cookies.